New publication celebrates Marie Curie success stories

The EC has published a booklet highlighting Marie Curie success stories, which presents detailed case studies illustrating projects funded through the People Specific programme of FP7. The 350 page document, entitled ‘Marie Curie Actions: Inspiring Researchers’ gives details of achievements in a number of areas, including the fostering of collaboration, seeding careers, ‘brain gain’ and science communication. It also looks at worldwide research, the work done to help provide family-friendly working conditions for researchers and the structuring effect the actions have had on the research landscape.
Each case study gives details of the results of the project concerned, both in terms of the research undertaken and in the context of the aims of the Marie Curie programme. It also includes full project details, including details of the partners, the lead contact, project title and budget. The overarching aim of the booklet is not only to present the scientific achievements of the funded activities but also to demonstrate the importance of the ‘human aspect’ and effective policy in attaining these achievements.

Source: EC, UKRO

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