Access 2 funding knowledge and European networks for entrepreneurs in the Western Balkans

Choosing the entrepreneurial path can be intimidating, challenging and sometimes lonely. The team of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has created a booklet and an awareness-raising activity providing entrepreneurs with a compass that helps navigate the opportunities and supporters available for innovators and technology-based start-ups coming from the region.

EIT Communities gather passionate people to support innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time and accelerate them to reach the market and European citizens quickly. The EIT opens the door for the most committed innovators, connecting them with pan-European initiatives.

The EIT Jumpstarter team is committed to showing the next steps after the program and helping entrepreneurs to become successful start-up owners by offering support along the different stages in the technology start-up journey. There are many opportunities, supporting organisations and programs providing support to build up businesses and access knowledge, funding, and European innovation networks.

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40– ACCESS2 AUTHOR: CONTRIBUTIONS: REVIEWED BY: Balázs Kele Beatriz Camacho Avila, Tina Benda, Anna Burgues, Malgorzata Kowalińska, Piotr Pawelec, Verónica Rodríguez, Tuan TrinhDora Marosvölgyi Dora Marosvölgyi
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