The Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation

The Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation provides a unique bridge between EU policies and standardisation activities concerning information and communication technologies (ICT). This helps to increase convergence of standards makers’ efforts towards achieving EU policy goals. This document is the result of an annual dialogue involving a wide-range of interested parties as represented by the European multi-stakeholder platform on ICT standardisation (MSP). The Rolling Plan focuses on actions that can support EU policies and does not claim to be as complete as the work programmes of the different standardisation bodies.

Standardisation actions identified in this document to support EU policies are complementary to other instruments, in particular the Annual Union Work Programme (AUWP). The Rolling Plan attempts to list all known areas where ICT standardisation could support EU policy objectives. It also details the requirements for ICT standardisation, translates them into actions and provides a follow-up mechanism for the actions.

The 2022 edition gives a particular prominence to three horizontal “foundational topics” under the new section 3.0. This new section includes a completely new chapter on the data economy and the updated chapters on cybersecurity and e-privacy that have been moved from the section on “key enablers”. These are all technology areas for standardisation that go right across the spectrum of standards-making, and may need to be referenced by many, even most, specific activities. Their challenges arise at every step of digitalisation and policy makers need to be more aware that ICT standardisation is the tool to tackle them.

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