The strategic use of public procurement for innovation in the digital economy - Final report

Since 2008, the European Council and the Parliament have been requesting both the European Commission and EU Member States to step up their efforts on innovation procurement to enhance European competitiveness.

As reported in a number of studies, European countries are not fulfilling their potential to foster innovation through public procurement. The barriers encountered to mainstream innovation procurement were analysed in 2015 by the European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC), which recommended to develop a systematic measurement framework for innovation procurement in order to track the progress made in this field across Europe. This study was implemented to fill this gap, by developing a methodology that enables to benchmark national policy frameworks for innovation procurement and national investments in public procurement of innovative solutions across 30 countries (EU 27, UK, Norway and Switzerland) in 2018. It includes an analysis of investments across different domains of public sector activity (health, transport etc.) and strategic expenditure categories, in particular ICT, that fuel public sector modernisation. While the benchmarking of policy frameworks covered all forms of innovation procurement – both R&D procurements and public procurements of innovative solutions - the analysis of investment levels in this study focused only on quantifying the amount of public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI). A separate analysis by the European Commission estimated the amount of R&D procurement that took place in 2018. The results of these two analyses are combined in a separate EC report that provides a full picture on the amount of innovation procurement that takes place across Europe.

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