Digital Innovation Profile Montenegro

Digital innovation profiles are an important element in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) series of snapshots of information and communication technology (ICT)-centric innovation ecosystems. Each profile assesses and summarizes the opportunities and challenges facing a country’s ICT ecosystem. The at-a-glance format enables international comparisons and meaningful measurement of the capacity to accelerate digital transformation and of innovative ICT capability.

Digital innovation profiles offer a rapid and straightforward means of analysing and optimizing your ICT ecosystem. This analysis then helps navigate through a country’s fast-moving ICT/ telecommunication landscape with a view to building a competitive, sustainable, ICT-enabled economy. Further collaboration with ITU can go on to target specific engagements, including the implementation of appropriate, co-developed, bankable projects that are of high value in the national context.

All digital innovation profiles are developed by experts specially trained to apply the ITU digital innovation framework. This framework features highly structured workshops and facilitated assessments, designed to build national capacity, enhance on-the-ground skills and powerfully accelerate digital transformation.

The framework process equips ITU Members States with the tools to assess and monitor their own ICT innovation ecosystems.The analysis and the positions expressed in this initial high-level assessment, reflect opinions and research of the national expert, working within the ITU digital innovation framework process and with guidance from the ITU-D Digital Innovation Ecosystems cluster.

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  • Report


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Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
  • Western Balkans
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  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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