ProcurCompEU – Study on professionalisation of public procurement in the EU and selected third countries

The objective of this study is to provide the background for the ProcurCompEU competency framework. Itgivesan overview of the state of play in public procurement professionalisation in the EU and internationally, highlighting established gaps and identified good practices. The study is based on the findings of research about public procurement professionalisation in the EU and selected third countries. These findings were a key input to the design of ProcurCompEU and helped ensurethat all its elements are tailored to the current practices, challenges and priorities in public procurement across the EU Member Statesand can be adapted in other countries.

Structure of the report

The first part of the study report is structured as follows:

Section 1 presents the research methodology of the study as a basis for developing the ProcurCompEUcompetency framework, in particular the structure and rationale for the Country Factsheets about public procurement professionalisation for each of the EU Member States, as well as the structure and approach to the Case Studies of countries and institutions that have established public procurement competency frameworks, self-assessment tools, or professionalisation initiatives in both EU and non-EU countries.

Section 2 presents the key findings that emerged from the country assessments that are relevant to the design and use of the ProcurCompEUtools. These cover different aspects of public procurement, such as human resources management, training and development and the set-up of the procurement system.

Section 3 highlights the potential benefits of adopting the ProcurCompEUtools as well as the concrete ways in which individuals and organisations can do so, including in an international context.

Section 4 presents recommendations for how the European Commission can promote the take-up of the ProcurCompEU package.

The second part of the study contains the country factsheets and case studies.

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  • Practical Advice/Guide


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  • European Union (EU 28)
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  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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