[WBC-RTI.INFO Newsletter] - Update on Tackling COVID-19 emergency (special issue)

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the EU and its member states are working together to reinforce national healthcare systems, contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and mitigate its socio-economic impact.
The EU mobilised very swiftly a package of over EUR 3.3 billion to the benefit of the Western Balkans. This includes immediate support for the health sector, in particular through delivering essential supplies to save lives and significant support for the social and economic recovery needs of our partners, as well as a EUR 750 million package of Macro-Financial Assistance and a EUR 1.7 billion package of assistance from the European Investment Bank.
The scientific community is facing unprecedented challenges in the search for solutions against coronavirus. Good coordination and quick mobilisation of funds are essential to help researchers and innovators meet those challenges. As one of the 10 priority actions of the first ERAvsCorona action plan, the European Commission has also launched the ERA corona platform, a one-stop shop for information for current and prospective beneficiaries of the R&I Programmes. Looking ahead, countries shall be enabled to a gradual, science based and effective lifting of containment measures, with a view to entering the recovery phase and revitalising our societies and economy. In such a context, a highly coordinated way forward is a matter of common interest as well. 
Find below our information on the common response to the COVID-19 outbreak and keep updated by visiting the related portal section.


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