Digital connectivity under the WBIF

This guidelines aim to clarify the scope of digital connectivity and the eligibility of projects under Western Balkans Investment Framework.

The support to the Digital Connectivity under Western Balkans Investment Framework aims to contribute to the Western Balkan region’s extensive digital infrastructure investment needs, as a complement to the adoption of the digital acquis in the framework of the EU accession process. This is in line with the WBIF objectives. Digital infrastructure is supported by the WBIF since 2018 as a conclusion of the17thWBIF Steering Committee meeting in Frankfurt (13thDecember2017).The extension of the WBIF eligibility sectors to Digital Infrastructure contributes to the process of digitalisation of the Western Balkan region. The support provided through the WBIF aims at preparing mature investment projects. Digital Connectivity under WBIF will contribute to the EU perspective of the Western Balkan region in the digital sphere, drawing lessons from the implementation of the EU Digital Single Market (DSM) in the EU and facilitating the digital integration of the European continent. Digital Connectivity in the Western Balkans must be built on reliable, trustworthy, high-speed, affordable networks and services that safeguard consumers and citizens' fundamental rights to privacy and personal data protection while also encouraging innovation. Solid infrastructures, resources and services are the pillars towards a thriving data-driven economy. This includes broadband, open data portals and research infrastructures that support data-driven innovation, based on fast internet and the availability of large and flexible computing resources (including high performance computing, grid and cloud computing infrastructures and services, and statistical infrastructures).The WBIF could help support the preparation of data infrastructure, to interconnect public administrations, research and education networks within an economy, the region or with the EU.

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