COST relations to the Western Balkan Countries

The 6 WBC countries (Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, Serbia) are Full Members of COST or Near Neighbour Country (Kosovo*).


The COST Full Members are members of the COST governing board, the CSO, and currently there is one WBC representative at the COST Executive Board. They are eligible to propose a new COST Action, to lead it or to undertake any leadership position. These countries also fall in the category of COST Inclusiveness Target Country meaning they can benefit from all the specific measures established.

Additionally, participants to COST Actions from the 6 countries are eligible for funding within the COST schemes

The connections and collaboration established via COST are important building blocks both in the European Research Area as well as in the European Union integration of the region, while strongly contributing to bridge the participation gap and close the innovation divide in Europe and providing opportunities for younger generations.

WBC participation figures, that are attached below for download, confirm their strong involvement in COST activities, especially when it is compared to the size of their respective research communities.

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