EC Report on the Implementation of the Strategy for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation

The strategy for European Union international cooperation in research and innovation (R&I) published in 2012 supports the objectives of strengthening the EU’s R&I excellence, attractiveness and economic and industrial competitiveness, tackling global societal challenges, and supporting the EU’s external policies. It is a building block of the 'Open to the World' priority of the EU's R&I policy.

European Union–led research partnerships have played a key role in mobilising and aligning international efforts and financing to tackle global challenges, such as combatting infectious diseases, ensuring food security, and fighting climate change. This is the main conclusion of the European Commission's second progress report published on 13 October on the strategy for EU international cooperation in research and innovation.

The report also shows how the experience gained in policies to build the European Research Area is used to shape interactions in an international context. It helps the EU to advance the vision of a 'Global Research Area' where researchers are able to work together smoothly across borders, and where researchers, scientific knowledge and technology circulate freely.

Source: DG R&I

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