EC Progress report 2015 Albania

Related to Research and Innovation, the progress report 2015 for Albania addresses the following:

Preparations are at an early stage in the area of science and research. There was no progress in the past year.

In the coming year, the country should in particular: 
→ build capacity and increase investment in research to ensure integration into the European Research Area and contribute to the Innovation Union; 
→ increase efforts for successful participation in the research and innovation framework programme Horizon 2020.

Overall, actions in line with EU policy on research and innovation have not been implemented due to lack of national funding. As regards framework programmes, Albania is associated to the EU research and innovation programme 'Horizon 2020' (2014-2020) and all administrative actions for participation are in place (national contact points and representatives in Horizon 2020 programme committees have been appointed). Based on first Horizon 2020 statistics, the number of Albanian participants in proposals selected for funding has been very small. The Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation still lacks the resources to promote cooperation on research and innovation. Albania should take actions to improve the scientific excellence and participation of the private sector in research and innovation should be stimulated. Albania has been active in cooperating at regional level following its co-signing of the Western Balkan regional R&D strategy for innovation and it cooperates with the Central European Initiative.
On integration into the European Research Area, Albania has appointed a member in the European Research Area Committee, however, is not participating in it on a regular basis. The level of investment in research stagnated at about 0.4 % of Albania’s GDP. This is insufficient to make a meaningful contribution to competitiveness and growth. Due to a lack of reliable statistics it is also difficult to measure the precise level, in particular for expenditure on research by the private sector.
On the Innovation Union, no specific actions to stimulate innovation have been taken.

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