Strategy and Work Programme of the Regional Cooperation Council for 2014-2016

Having become a recognised and respected regional organisation, the Regional Coperation Council developed in 2010 its first three-year Strategy and Work Programme 2011- 2013 (SWP 2011-2013). This defined its objectives, priorities and work programme for the period.

A range of specific targets in each of the priority area of the SWP 2011-2013 have been achieved. and an effective cooperation and coordination with the country holding the Chairmanship-in-Office (C-i-O) of the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) has been noticeable. There was moreover clear progress in increasing the capacity of countries from the SEE to display a common stance in formulating regionally attainable goals and in strengthening synergy in their regional activities as well as good results in the process of streamlining regional initiatives and task forces in SEE.

However, progresses have not been uniform due to challenges of different nature, in particular the oscillating bilateral political relations and other unresolved issues in the region, the economic and financial crisis with its social consequences, developments within European Union (EU) and in the broader international scene. In addition, harnessing of all opportunities in certain areas of cooperation was not always successful.

Therefore, based both on the success of the SWP 2011-2013, and the difficulties encountered, together with a more in-depth knowledge of the region and its needs, the RCC has developed its second Strategy and Work Programme 2014-2016 (SWP 2014-2016). This document sets out the sectoral priorities chosen as well as the actions it intends to undertake to effect them. The sectoral priorities identified by the RCC are generally borne out from regional and national priorities.

The RCC new strategy was adopted by the RCC Board on 25 April 2013 in Sarajevo, and endorsed by the participants of the RCC Annual Meeting, on 30 May 2013 in Ohrid.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat Sarajevo, 25 April 2013
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