Labour Market and Skills in the Western Balkans

Following the first conference of the LSEE Research Network, a workshop was organized in Belgrade in May 2012. The workshop was entitled ' Skills and the Labour Market in the Western Balkans' and was organized in collaboration with FREN (Foundation for the Advancement of Economics) at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Seria. 

The workshop aimed to gather the latest research on imbalances between labour demand and supply in the Western Balkans region with special analysis of skills mismatch. It debated ways to improve labour market outcomes, vocational education and training systems, and skill matching policies in context of the difficult adjustment to the global economic crisis and the need to improve economic competitiveness on the basis of European integration.

As a result of this conference, a book was published by FREN and LSEE in October 2012. The book is entitled 'Labour Market and Skills in the Western Balkans' and includes chapters from experts from both South Eastern Europe and the UK.

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Mihail Arandarenko Professor of Economics University of Belgrade Will Bartlett Senior Research Fellow London School of Economics
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