EU enlargement anno 2012

In 1993 the European Union took the decision to open its borders to the new democracies of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Eight of them joined in 2004 and two more in 2007. However, the most ambitious European project ever has yet to be concluded. This book examines the state of play anno 2012. What have we learned from earlier accessions and how does this affect the perspectives of the remaining (potential) candidate countries? What explaines the much stricter conditionality of the EU and what is the role of public opinion? Wy is the situation with regard to the Eastern Balkans and Turkey more complex? What is necessary to successfuly realise the commitments made by the EU to the countries that aspire to become members? This book offers a progressive view on the enlargement process based on the conviction that without the courageous decision of the Copenhagen summit of 1993 Europe would be worst off.

Source: EU Bookshop

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Hannes Swoboda, Jan Marinus Wiersma, Ernst Stetter
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