Proposal for a Council Decision establishing the Specific Programme Implementing Horizon 2020

The set of proposals for "Horizon 2020", drawn up fully in line with the Commission Communication 'A Budget for Europe 2020', wholly supports the Europe 2020 strategy, which identified research and innovation as central to achieving the objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The set consists of the proposals for:
(1) a Framework Programme for Horizon 2020 (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union – 'TFEU');
(2) a single set of Rules for Participation and Dissemination (TFEU);
(3) a single specific programme to implement Horizon 2020 (TFEU); as well as
(4) a single proposal for the parts of Horizon 2020 corresponding to the Euratom Treaty.

The overall political narrative and background to these legislative proposals is provided by a Commission Communication adopted together with them, which addresses a number of major cross-cutting elements such as simplification and how the approach to innovation has been strengthened

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