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September 19, 2022
October 15, 2022
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“The Vera Šnajder award will be presented annually in the form of a travel grant (up to 5000 BAM) to an outstanding natural/technical sciences student in Bosnia & Herzegovina (undergraduate, masters or PhD). ”

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The purpose of the award

Vera Šnajder’s life was transformed through access to education and international mobility which allowed her to learn from the best. Her fellowship at the Institute Henri Poincaré gave her the chance to push her intellectual limits and explore her potential as a researcher and professional. She took full advantage of this opportunity. She quickly secured a research position at the Laboratory for Hydrodynamics at the Sorbonne, published her work in Comptes Rendus des Sciences de l’Acadèmie des Sciences and was even headhunted for a position at the newly formed French Ministry of Aeronautics (Ministère de l’Air).

The most remarkable aspect of Vera’s story is that this truly life-changing experience (the chance to travel and mingle with the intellectual elite in Paris) culminated with Vera returning to her homeland and investing her new experiences into education, a cornerstone of a modern and prosperous society. Put bluntly, Vera recognised very early on the importance of “giving back” to the community she felt she belonged to.

The Vera Šnajder Award will enable an early career researcher from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who like Vera is passionate about the relationship between a personal quest for knowledge and its collective societal advancement, to:

1) become a global citizen;

2) bring home new knowledge and perspectives and incorporate them into the advancement of our nation and society;

3) bring home new cultural experiences to strengthen the multicultural and multi-ethnic foundations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Want to know more about Vera Šnajder? Click here to view her tribute page

Eligibility for award

  • Are you someone who serves as a role model and demonstrates initiative, passion, and motivation?
  • Are you an individual who portrays strong leadership characteristics in professional, career/studies and/or community?
  • Do you engage with the community in meaningful ways to raise awareness of issues and create long lasting change.
  • Do you want to be part of Vera’s legacy and inspire others to become better leaders/professionals and in the process create a better Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Person eligible for the Vera Snajder award is:

  • a full time female undergraduate/Master/PhD student enrolled in Natural & Technical Sciences related field in Bosnia & Herzegovina (engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry etc) OR a recent graduate from a Bosnia & Herzegovina university (last 12 months).
  • a citizen of Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • have demonstrated community service in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • involved in a paper/research-project that can be presented at a conference/workshop OR be able to demonstrate capability to disseminate key learning from conference/workshop in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Note: Bosnia & Herzegovina student living or studying abroad is not eligible for the award.


The total grant will be funded by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Futures Foundation. The total value of the grant will be up to 5,000 BAM.

The winner will be able to use the grant to finance travel and conference/visit expenses, namely:

a) present their current research, as an invited presenter (an oral presentation or a poster presentation) at an international conference OR

b) attend a international conference as a delegate with the aim of disseminating the acquired knowledge in Bosnia and Herzegovina through a successful implementation of a project or program OR

c) co-finances the costs of a research visit abroad.

The grant does cover Visa, insurance, health and safety, but the grant recipients must arrange their own health and personal travel insurance and appropriate visas, including ensuring that they take account of health and travel warnings in the country of travel.

The grant does not cover Recreational Travel, but the grant recipients may prolong their stay in the country of travel to include recreational travel at their own expense.

Reporting requirements

Grant recipients will be required to provide a brief reflective report prior, during and upon their return from travel, describing the work they are undertaking. This may include, written, audio and video platforms.

The selection panel reserves the right to change any variations on the maximum amount and will be reviewed on a needs basis. Applicants will need to provide a budget to indicate the cost of the travel. It is the expectation of the selection panel that any gap in funding from the amount requested and the travel grant contribution will be met by the applicant.


As part of the application process you need to:

  1. Fill out an application form that includes basic information about you and your travel,
  2. Attach a motivational letter,
  3. Attach the budget proposal,
  4. Attach a letter of recommendation

Click here to apply for the 2022 Vera Šnajder AWARD


Visit the Award website and read additional tips and instructions carefully before applying.

Prior to applying for the award, please ensure you have thoroughly read through:

1. All relevant information regarding the award in local languages or in English 
2. Get to know Vera Šnajder

Applications are open from September 19th to October 15th, 2022.

Voting and Winner Announcement will happen by the end of November 2022.
Vera Šnajder Award Ceremony will be held between December 2nd and 4th during the Futures Leaders Summit.

In case of any questions, please reach out to

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