Danube+ WIL Balkans

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May 18, 2022
December 31, 2022
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Danube+ WIL Balkans is a multi-phase capacity building and 21st-century bio-based economy acceleration initiative involving 60 young future water leaders who through regional collaboration will increase the Balkans’ adaptability, resilience, and innovation leadership in the face of climate change.

The program combines community building, cross-cultural communication, and skills training (scenario planning, stakeholder facilitation, adaptation leadership, change management, storytelling, and complex problem-solving) with technical expertise from water-affiliated industries so as to stimulate and accelerate innovative climate change solution-making.

Online sessions, field trips with presentations from expert resource guests, and community dialogue will deepen the understanding of the challenges from a human-centred perspective.

As skills are developed, innovation teams will create projects that tackle one of three core themes based on the strategic priorities:

  • Water: nature-based solutions, water treatment, and monitoring technologies associated with flood prevention and managing stormwater run-off and freshwater ecosystems.
  • Natural Heritage:  digitization that aligns with traditional ecological knowledge  for smart agriculture and rural development
  • Environmental Governance: mainstreaming environmental education at all levels with the support of community science 

If your organization is interested in more information, participation possibilities and a long term strategic partnership, please write to the office@mediaeducationcentre.eu

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