Call for Contributions: Degrowth Vienna 2020

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November 1, 2019
December 15, 2019
Short description

Contemporary societies face unprecedented ecological, social and economic crises that call for an immediate and radical transformation of the dominant, growth-dependent mode of production and living. Degrowth, as a social movement and a burgeoning academic field of research, has focused on conceptual discussions, concrete utopias and case studies for a social-ecological transformation. What is missing, however, is an in-depth discussion on the strategies to achieve such a transformation.

The conference will have a participatory design, including a thorough documentation process to generate tangible outcomes for the degrowth movement and research community. 

The conference consists of two main parts, firstly understanding past and future transformations and the role of strategies and secondly, strategies in practice.

Forms of Contributions

Scholars, practitioners, activists and artists are invited to send proposals for one or more of the three different forms of contributions:

  1. Standard Session
  2. Workshop Session
  3. Consecutive Sessions

Within these forms, different formats are welcome and you are encouraged to develop the format which fits your purpose best. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Please make your submissions before December 15th, 2019.
Keep in mind, this conference has a thematic focus on stra-tegies for degrowth, which requires that only submis-sions closely related to this theme can be accepted.

access the call for contributions here: Call for Contributions – Degrowth Vienna 2020

more details about the conference on the conference website: Degrowth Vienna 2020 – Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation

  • Other
Geographical focus
  • General/no specific focus
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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