Call for Papers: 15th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES2020 COLOGNE)

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December 11, 2019
December 18, 2019
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The 15th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES), which is going to be held in the city of Cologne, Germany from September 1-5, 2020, is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge on methods, policies and technologies for increasing the sustainability of development by de-coupling growth from the use of natural resources and by a transition to a knowledge-based economy. All taking into account the economic, environmental and social pillars of sustainable development.

One of the main issues of the coming decades is to improve efficiencies by integrating various life-supporting systems, using excess from one, as resource in another in the correct moment. Integrating electricity, heating, cooling, transport, water, buildings, waste, wastewater, industry, forestry and agriculture systems will be pivotal towards sustainable development.

Types of papers sought

The papers should report original, previously unpublished findings in the fields of sustainable development of energy, transport, water, food and environment systems, their integration, their technical, environmental, economic and social perspectives. The review papers are also welcome, if they give thorough review in a particular narrow field with deep gap analysis. All papers will be reviewed under the direction of the International Scientific Committee by the Scientific Advisory Board. The papers with archival value (archival papers), meaning those that contribute significantly to the state of the art and report final results of research, with proper literature review, will be thoroughly reviewed and will be candidates for publication consideration in special issues of several archival journals. The papers that report work in progress without significant contribution to the state of the art, and those lacking a thorough literature review, are invited as conference papers, and will receive less stringent review. Authors are invited to offer suggestion on classification of their papers as "archival", “review” or "conference", when submitting them.

Authors (corresponding author) willing to present a paper should submit an abstract in English, between 1500-2500 characters long. The abstracts, which will be reviewed by International Scientific Committee, can only be submitted online.The full papers will be directly submitted via electronic submission system.

Please, submit your Archival abstract before the December 18, 2019 deadline.

Access the call for papers here: 15th SDEWES Conference

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