From research to market - what is needed in WBC?

Traditional modes of funding in research and higher education sector are in the process of change across Europe, including the higher education institutions in Western Balkan region. Public resources are being reduced in many countries while becoming more demanding and competitive at the same time, thus funding efficiency and financial sustainability are high on the agenda of the national, regional but also EU policy-makers. The trend related to modernisation of universities is clearly away from purely educational institutions towards entrepreneurial universities. The relevance of the topic was confirmed during the final conference of WBCInno project, held in Novi Sad on September 18, 2015.  In words of Prof. Dr. Goran Stojanovic, conference organiser from the University of Novi Sad:

“The topic “Modernisation of universities” is important topic bearing in mind that in this era, universities should be not only educational and research institutions, but also institutions which should establish close links with business sector, providing new opportunities for employment of students. Universities in WB region especially should improve this so-called third mission and they should take role also to create new working places through opening spin-offs or through cooperation with industrial sector. In situation when industrial sector in WBCs is not well developed, such as in the most developed countries in Europe and worldwide, university should educate students, should try to create job opportunities and to create new innovative values on the market. It seems that we expect from universities to be ALL IN ONE, but bearing in mind that the most educated persons are on our universities, it is realistic that universities can perform above mentioned complex roles and responsibilities.”

The purpose of the conference was to provide an international forum for the exchange of useful information over the broad spectrum of fields covered by entrepreneurship, knowledge/technology transfer, and university and business cooperation, so Prof. Stojanovic. 

“The above-mentioned topics have resulted in 35 papers being submitted and reviewed, with 93 authors from 8 countries. Accepted papers were presented through 23 oral presentations and 12 posters sessions.”

From research to market - what is needed in WBC? was in focus of the newsletter in September 2015. Related article is available here. Please find below also a selection of the topic related articles. 


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