Ms Mimoza Agolli

Adviser of Minister of Education and Science of Albania
Academic title
Additional information
Ms. Mimoza Agolli is a senior policy researcher at European Movement Albania. She has been graduated in 1998 for Tourism Management, holds a master degree in Economics and Management Sciences and a Diploma of Specialized post-University Studies (D.S.P.U) from Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece. Mimoza is attending PhD studies on Quantitative Economics, at Christian-Albrecht's University, Kiel - Germany. Mrs. Agolli has worked as researcher and trade policy analyst at Albanian Center for International Trade (ACIT) focusing on quantitative oriented research on trade policies and their economic effect. She has paid special attention to explore foreign trade developments and policy options to improve and support positive developments in Albanian International Trade flows. Furthermore, she has been research consultant for the evaluation and capacity assessment consultant for the Human Development Report 2008, UNDP. Actually, Ms. Agolli is working at Tirana Bank as economic adviser carrying out research on macroeconomic situation and its effect on bank business. Working as economic adviser, she has reached a valuable experience in forecasting macroeconomic indicators and analyzing the banking sector. However, her interest is larger than that because she pays a special attention to national rural development, rural budgeting process and its comparison with EU. During her work as consultant, Ms. Agolli has explored the national rural budgeting process and the economic relevance this sector has for the Albanian development. Ms. Agolli has written several publications, study reports and statistical analyzes on these issues. She speaks Albanian (Mother tongue), English, Italian, German and Greek. (Source:
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