Ms Nina Trokovic

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My background is in human and developmental molecular and cell biology. In MSc project (1998, University of Helsinki) I was working on gene mapping, and in my PhD project (1999-2005, University of Helsinki) I studied how intercellular signalling molecules, Fibroblast growth factors, regulate midbrain-hindbrain and craniofacial development in the mouse embryos. Then I moved to the Finnish red cross blood service, to do research on stem cell isolation from the human umbilical cord blood and on their neuronal differentiation. After this project, I came back to the University of Helsinki to study neuronal activity in mouse brain, and mitochondrial dynamics in zebrafish and mouse. Last two years I was studying mechanisms of adaptive and plastic changes in sensory and nervous systems in frogs and fishes. My new postdoc project, starting in January 2011, will be related to stem cell therapy in bone diseases. My interest in platform: connecting with people, geting information on research in wbc-region. In 2012 I am planning to start research project which would be in colaboration between research group in Helsinki and Sarajevo (Finland and Bosnia and Hertzegovina). For this, I will apply for 2-3 year grant for my research work in Sarajevo.
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