Mr Haris Muhic

SUS BiH Director
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Mr Haris MUHIC is the managing director at Foundation for Higher Education World University Service. He is mainly responsible for management activities in the office and is also a key expert in training and facilitation. He represent SUS BiH in thre FP6 projects, namely IS2WEB, ERA WESTBALKAN+ and SCORE and one FP7 WBC-INCO.NET. Mr. MUHIC is responsible for planning and managing all appointed activities, such as mapping the research organisations in the country, organising and mentoring the thematic workshop, dissemination activities, participating in different national and international events on IST research area in the WB and in Europe, in close cooperation with the project coordinator. His experience in management and especially in FP projects will contribute to the successful implementation of the INCO-NET-WBC.

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Phone:++387 33200070
Fax:++387 33650871
Address:Zmaja od Bosne 8, 71000 Sarajevo
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina