Mr Karlheinz M. Pohl

Senior Administrative Officer
Additional information

Karlheinz Pohl, born on 23 October 1958, is an industrial manager and quality manager. He is qualified for higher intermediate service. Following his position as an executive officer at the German Research Association (DFG), he switched to the Project Management Agency at the German Aerospace Center in 1988, where he worked in the organizational units “Environment” (BMBF) and “Future Living Concepts” (BMFSFJ). In 2000, he took up his current position as a senior administrative officer at the International Bureau of the BMBF.

In 1996/97 and 2008, he undertook two six-month observation visits in the “Building Research” and “Basic Policy Issues, Internationalization Strategy” divisions of the BMBF. Karlheinz Pohl has many years of experience in the area of national and European research funding. He is currently responsible for the coordination and controlling of national funding as well as the administrative support of projects under the 7th Research Framework Programme.

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Phone:+49 228 3821-1463
Fax:+49 228 3821-1444
Address:Königswinterer Str. 522 - 524 Bonn, 53227 Bonn