Balkan Water Observation and Information System - Conference 2004

The general concern of BALWOIS Project - Balkan Water Observation and Information System for Balkan countries - is to create a community of the main stakeholders in the field of water protection and water management ranging from scientists, private sector, experts, NGO's, to decision makers and large public in the Balkans. Three main actions are carried out in BALWOIS project:

(i) the creation of a network of scientists and stakeholders working in water related fields,
(ii) the implementation of a Water observation and information system, and
(iii) the organization of working groups, workshops, scientific visits, training courses and significant scientific events.

BALWOIS Project organises every 2 years an international scientific conference in Ohrid (Republic of Macedonia). Until now, 4 conferences have been organized : in 2004, 2006 and 2008 with around 250 researchers and experts.

The objectives of the conference in 2004 were:
(i) at go deeper into the scientific questions related to the water cycle and balance in Bal- ken catchments linked the impacts of global climate and environment natal changes (trends, extreme events, droughts) and on the water management practices(storage in dams ,use of groundwater)on the water bodies(sea intrusion, destabilization of aquatic ecosystems) into spew civic problems of Tran boundary water resources(pollution, competitive uses, national policies and juridical aspects.
(ii) to promote a way- tar observation and information system in free access via the Web on the real time status of water resources/bodies including operational information on a regional, national and basin/sub basin level about relevant water cycle parameters and quality indexes with real time data and historical series and space representation of their variability (using Geographical Information Systems, Digital Elevation Models and Remote Sensing Techniques):

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  • Other
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Address: c/o IRD BP 8006 97259 - Fort-de-FRance Cedex
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  • SEE
  • Western Balkans
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  • Natural Sciences
February 2003 - July 2004

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