BOOSTing the innovation potential of the triple helix of Adriatic-Ionian traditional and emerging BLUE growth sectors clusters through an open source/knowledge sharing and community based approach

The 7 regional maritime territories focused by BLUE_BOOST PJT (Zadar county; Marche, F.V.G. and Apulia regions; Western Greece and Central Macedonia regions; coastal areas of Durres, Vlora, Saranda and Shengjin in Albania) are branded by the presence of maritime (from mature/growing to emerging/just aspired) clusters with high heterogeneity of activities, tangible gap in communication and interaction among their 4 strands and poor attitude to interclustering, espec. at trans-sectoral level.

Thus, this project aims at unlocking and boosting the potential of knowledge/technology transfer, transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation of key innovation actors of traditional (primarily fisheries and ship-building) and emerging (primarily Blue technologies-including aquaculture- green shipbuilding, robotics and new materials) Blue Growth sectors by reinforcing the relationships and interactions within and among their clusters according to an open source,knowledge sharing&community based approach. The main change sought is to improve the basic conditions for bridging the gap between the 3 helixes of the focused maritime clusters between research/SMEs, users/SMEs, etc. thanks to the collaboration with the NEW INNOVATION AGENTS such as fablabs, co-working spaces, makerspaces, innovation hubs, living labs, techshops, etc. Due to such renewed flexibility, this enhanced 3 helixes approach can be naturally adopted in transnational actions for stimulation&guidance, funding (B_B TRANS. BLUE INNOVATION VOUCHER SCHEME) and networking of innovation (B_B TRANS. INNOVATION NETWORKING STRATEGY & JOINT ACTION PLAN) in order to explore possible sectoral cross-fertilizations, new ideas or expertise, new alliances and networking between individuals, communities, enterprises, organizations, institutions of the Blue Economy which deserves to be better supported, being it an economic driver and a potential generator of development and jobs.

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Project type
Country of the coordinating institution
Geographical focus
  • Albania
  • Croatia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General
January 2018 - October 2019

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