Innovation and Technology Center for Metal Industry

The focus of this project is to increase innovation potential of the metal industry in the cross-border region, as a contribution to overall SMEs’ competitiveness (metal sector is a part of all industry value chains).

This will be realized by creating innovative framework in the CBC that will accelerate the exchange of information between economies on both sides of the border, generate required knowledge, technology, equipment and R&D infrastructure and thus overcoming identified problems to a significant extent of the CBR. The institutional framework should be the generator of new ideas, innovations and a mechanism that enables transfer of ideas and innovation and their commercialization. Following basic innovative SMART region principles, as well as equal opportunities and environment protection, the project team will setup new partnership among key stakeholders of innovative SMS development: industry clusters, high schools, students, teachers, as well as local, regional and national authorities through innovative technology center with demand driven and flexible curricula. New institutional framework will enable standardization of the exchange of the information between offer and demand of inputs and outputs of the targeted SMEs, production processes, providing opportunities for new employment. Similarities of the challenges, opportunities and micro economic environment for SMEs development in metal sector in the cross border area provides valid basis for the project sustainability. Resources, responsibilities and tasks have been evenly distributed among project partners, in accordance to their main strengths and references. A proven communication methodology will ensure effective flow of information, maintain strong partnership, ensure high visibility and provide optimum risk control.

The initiative is funded by Interreg Hungary - Serbia.

Project type
  • Bilateral/Cross Border Project
Geographical focus
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General
March 2018 - February 2020

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