Network of Remote Labs

As a response to the strategic goal of boosting enrolment in technical fields of study in order to foster innovative knowledge-based economy, marked by Education Strategy in the Republic of Serbia until 2020, the project has wider objective to increase attractiveness of engineering education through innovative teaching methods as well as trough the strengthening of university-secondary vocational schools collaboration. The innovation off teaching method will be carried out through networking of remote engineering laboratories established at partner HE institution. The established network will be aimed for sharing and exchanging remote engineering experiments as open educational resources of the Library of Remote Experiments, exchanging knowledge, experience and innovative practices of engineering education as well as for secondary vocational schools teacher training in using resources of the Library in order to improve engineering teaching at secondary education level and making it more effective and interesting for their pupils and influence them to think about the possibility of following a career in engineering.

The specific objectives, within the aforementioned wider one, include:

  • To build cross-universities network of remote engineering laboratories in order to enhance engineering education at Serbian HE institutions
  • To strengthen university-secondary vocational schools collaboration through secondary vocational schools teacher training in using resources of The Library of Remote Experiments
  • To bring remote engineering experiments into secondary vocational school classrooms in order to promote engineering education attractiveness to prospective engineering students

The expected outputs and outcomes include:

  • Conducted analysis of the state-of-the-art remote labs networks at EU universities
  • Conducted analysis of remote experiments at partner universities
  • Created the Guidelines for techno-pedagogical requirements for the remote labs
  • Builded infrastructure for remote experimentation at partner universities
  • Signed agreement on networking of remote engineering laboratories from partner universities
  • Designed LiReX library of remote experiments
  • Developed a set of new remote engineering experiments at partner universities
  • Approx. 180 secondary vocational schools teachers trained in using of remote experiments
  • Approx. 25 new learning modules with remote experiments integrated into the curricula of networked partner universities
  • Approx. 25 new learning modules with remote experiments integrated into the curricula of selected secondary vocational schools
  • The number of agreements on the right of use of the LiReX resources and ownership signed by teachers from HE and secondary vocational schools during and after project lifecycle
  • The Annual Conference on Remote Experimentation established
  • The network NeReLa included into EU networks

Source: NeReLa

Project type
Country of the coordinating institution
Geographical focus
  • European Union (EU 27)
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology
December 2013 - November 2016

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