South East European Digital Television (SEE Digi.TV)

Broadcasting services and  ICT technologies importantly contribute to the development of the society thus the aim of SEE Digi.TV project is to speed-up digitalization of the broadcasting services, and to contribute to a wider use of ICT broadband services.

As different stakeholders, especially broadcasters and industry will be addressed by the project, positive impacts of the project should be reflected also in a broader business and social environment. The project tackles issues of digital divide and social inclusion, aiming at creation of the region of equal opportunities.

The overall objective of the SEE Digi.TV project is harmonization of the activities in the target SEE region related to introduction of Digital Broadcasting services, which shall:

1. Speed-up the overall process of analogue switch-off in the region and further development to more efficient technologies,

2. Maximize harmonization of the legislative and technical frameworks with the EU digitalization process and avoid policy, technology and market fragmentation,

3. Develop regional proposal for optimal use of freed frequency spectrum for new ICT broadband services and

4. Address the management of digital dividend.

SEE Digi.TV project wants to integrate and coordinate territorial development linked to the Analoque to Digital switchover process, as well as digitalization in a wider sense. Specific objectives of the project are following:

1. To minimise digital divide within the region by promoting development and implementation of new interactive services on highly penetrated DVB-T technology platform,

2. To prevent possible negative social and economic implications of Analoque to Digital switchover process by providing transnational platform based on knowledge transfer and coordinated activities and approaches,

3. To reduce legal, technological and administrative inequalities in the given field by providing harmonized legal, technical economic and information campaign approaches and actions,

4. To facilitate the increase of quality and availability of digital TV infrastructures and access to services in the particular countries and the region by contributing to fast and effective execution of Analoque to Digital switchover process,

5. To reduce the gap between EU countries and the project region in the area of digital TV broadcasting,

6. To harmonize the technology and standardization applied for DVB-T in the region,

7. To foster development and implementation of new services for all population groups in the region.

Participated countries in SEE Digi.TV project are:

ERDF countries:

Slovenia - Italy - Austria - Hungary

IPA countries: 

Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Serbia - Montenegro - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Albania

Project type
  • Interreg SEE
Country of the coordinating institution
Geographical focus
  • SEE
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology
January 2011 - April 2013

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