Regional Development Agencies


Initially ten Regional Development Agencies were founded in 1992 with the mission of improving the business environment and encouraging economic development in the region. Their main areas of activity are supporting the regional development of SMEs, building democratic institutions and promoting good governance, and fostering civil society. RDA services encompass:
• Consultancy: Provision of technical assistance, advice, and expertise in legal and financial matters, export, tax payments, technical standards, customs
formalities, business plan preparation and feasibility studies, loan applications, fund raising, international procurement, etc;
• Training and technical assistance: support to local administration and government decision makers; capacity building for strategy and policy making;
assistance in design, implementation and monitoring of programmes & projects; training & technical assistance to local authorities in project management,
assessment and reporting;
• Business development support: market research, assistance in business financing, SME and business association promotion, contribution to SME strategy development and policy making.
• Furthermore, RDAs act as a regional resource centres facilitating exchange of information and networking.



Regional Development Agency (SME) - Tirana
Phone/Fax: + 355 4 2546 03, +355 4 235 704
Address: Rruga "Ismail Qemali" P 34/1, Ap3, Tirana, Albania

Contact person:
Ilir Rembeci, Executive Director

Regional Development Agency (SME) - Korce
Phone/Fax: + 355 824 2626
Address: Blloku Demokracia, Korce-Albania
Contact person:
Aurel Grabocka, Executive Director

Regional Development Agency (SME) - Vlore
Phone/Fax: + 355 33 229 28
Address: Rr..”Vlore-Skele”, mbi Pallatin “ CONAD”, 6th Floor , Ap. 6/1 .Vlore,Albania
Contact person:
Ylldize Brahimaj, Executive Director
E-mail: ;

Regional Development Agency (SME) - Gjirokaster
Phone/Fax: + 355 8 463 813
Address: Prane Keshillit te Rrethit (kati I dyte), Gjirokaster, Albania
Contact person:
Hulusi Kokalari, Executive Director

Regional Development Agency (SME) - Fier
Phone/Fax: + 355 34 224 537
Address: Rruga Xoxi Andon, Shk 1, Kati 1 Fier, Albania
Contact person:
Dhimitraq Marko, Executive Director

Regional Development Agency (SME) – Durres
Phone/Fax + 355 5 223 790
Address: Qendra e promovimit te biznesit dhe ekonomise- Durres, Rr. Skenderbej, P
146, Durres, Albania
Contact person:

Andrea Xhavara, Executive Director

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