Local Economic Development Agencies


The Local Economic Development Agencies are independent foundations, established with the support of the UNOPS-PASARP Programme and owned by local public and private member institutions in the region. Their aim is to contribute to the definition and implementation of the objectives for the local economic development of the region of Shkodra, Durres, Vlora. They focus their activity on the improvement and exploitation of local resources, and on the inclusion of disadvantaged population and depressed areas into the formal economic circuit. The core object of LEDAs is the identification, analysis and implementation of initiatives favouring the development of economic activities and the creation of employment opportunities, within a framework that combines poverty reduction and the promotion of an integrated and sustainable development of the territory.


AULEDA (Vlorë County)
Website: www.auleda.org
E-mail: auledavlore@yahoo.com
Phone number: +355 33 222 664
Address: Lagjia "Isa Boletini", Rruga Vlorë-Skele,mbi Banken Intesa San Paolo-Kati III, Vlorë, Albania
Contact Person:
Mirela Koci, Director
E-mail: mirela_duka@yahoo.it

TEULEDA (Shkodra County)
Website: www.teuleda.org.al
E-mail: info@teuleda.org.al
Phone number: +355 22 248 702
Address: Rruga Çobej, 66, 4001 Shkoder, Albania
Contact Person:
Klaudia Darragjati, Director

TAULEDA (Durrës County)
E-mail: tauleda@hotmail.com, tauleda_dr@yahoo.com
Phone/Fax: +355 0355 52 24827, mobile +355 69 2075571, +355 68 2190838
Address: Bulevardi Kryesor, pranë ish Kinema Iliria, Durrës, Albania
Contact Person:
Ilir Zela, Director

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Geographical focus
  • Albania
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Social Sciences

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