Albanian Confederation of Industry


Established in 2005, the Albanian Confederation of Industry is a voluntary and independent non-profit organization gathering businesses with different profiles that are currently operating in Albania. It provides the following services to its members:
• The unification of all entrepreneurs operating in the production field of goods and services that generate profit under an independent organization from the other economic and public actors, having as a prime scope the assumption of the full responsibilities that belong to this group that directs the economic development of the country which relies on the efficient and maximal usage of the resources that can be natural, geographic and human.
• The constructive opponence directed to the governmental institutions that are deeply involved with the business performance.
• In offering technical assistance to the business enterprises in general and more specifically to the members of KISH in the conduction of their market analyses, in order for them to value their investment and to get the greatest outcome out of it, to value the new technologies, the informative schemes for holding and presenting the economical activity.
• Offering technical assistance in preventing economical and financial actions that can be damaged from the negative effects of the globalization schemes.
• The creation of reliable and protecting legal instruments that are specialized in acting in response to abusive actions directed by governmental institutions.
• The attempt to create and crystallize permanent contacts with the government and other similar organizations that might be foreign as well as with groups and powerful international companies to increase the contacts and the reliability of the foreign capital in regard to the domestic capital.
• The orientation of foreign investors and investment projects in Albania to create new partners in the country.
• The encouragement of the Albanian export and finding new markets for the members of the association.Giving specialized juridical defense for the problems manifested those Albanian businesses might have while they exercise their activity in the foreign markets.
• The creation of a qualifiedly and professional system and its integration in the similar nets of other similar and resembling European organizations to prepare and enhance the managerial skills of businessmen equipping them with up to date knowledge on the industrial policies presented by E. U and other states, the protection of country’s production, modern marketing, the international law, et,.
• The creation of the adequate environment to initiate a powerful lobbing of the country’s business to protect the interests of the investment and market interests directed to great public investment, to privatizing the economy and in particular in privatizing the strategic sectors and the rational treatment of the fiscal and social policies of the government that effect the fiscal bar.
• The attempt to create the institutional framework in order to facilitate the visa regime for the businessmen, attended by the Albanian government.

Contact Persons:

Hajredin Fratari, Chairman

Further contact details are provided below.

  • Association/NGO
Contact details
Phone:+355 4 2272 290
Fax:+355 4 2250 269
Address:Rr. Ismail Qemali Pall. Fratari nr.30 Tirana
Geographical focus
  • Albania
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology

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