Albanian Centre for Economic Research


The Albanian Centre for Economic Research (ACER) was the first non-profit organisation to emerge in Albania after the political changes in 1991. Founded and incorporated by a group of university professors, economists and bankers, ACER was registered in the Tirana District Law Court of Tirana in June 1993. ACER has been active in research identification and execution, information publication and dissemination throughout the public opinion exchange, aiming to:
• strengthen parliamentary democracy and private entrepreneurship in Albania;
• encourage the wide-scale recognition of classical liberal values in Albanian

The objectives of ACER are to advance educational and scientific profile and understanding, in the field of the promotion of free enterprises, limited government and personal responsibility as pertaining to Albania; to publish, to conduct seminars, and to engage in such other and further means as may be necessary and proper to accomplish the foregoing objects and purposes. ACER encourages an open dialogue between scholars and policy makers and promotes public-private coalition building.

ACER’s activity includes:
• Research and research management;
• Education and training;
• National policy development and legal and regulatory reform;
• Public outreach and advocacy; and
• Information exchange and dissemination.

Through many contacts in Albania and abroad, the Centre has strengthened its staff professional capabilities and has become known for its accurate data collection, analysis, surveys and expertise. In 1994 supported by the International Centre for Economic Growth (ICEG), ACER conducted a survey on Managerial Capacities of Albanian New Entrepreneurs. In 1995-1996 the Centre performed the first Comprehensive Survey of Small Business in Albania. The analysis of this survey focused on financial topics of small businesses and included the impact of the informal financial sector (money lending); staff professional abilities; the establishing of a supportive environment for small businesses as well as prior topics for the future.

Contact Person:
Mr. Zef Preci

Further contact details are provided below.

  • Association/NGO
Contact details
Phone:+355 42 274 603
Address:Perlat Rexhepi 10, VI Floor, Apt. 64, 2934 Tirana
Geographical focus
  • Albania
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Social Sciences

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