Serbian Business Registers Agency


The Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) was established by the Business Registers Agency Law to define its status, headquarters, activities, the means for the SBRA’s foundation and work as well as its organs.

 The Agency was established as the single institution in charge of coordinating business registers of importance for Serbia’s overall economy. Running the registers as public electronic databases has paved the way to greater legal protection, increased investments and the creation of a more favourable business environment in Serbia.

SBRA was founded with the aim of reducing administrative barriers to starting a business. This goal has been achieved rather efficiently through a quick and simple registration procedure, reduced costs and shorter company registration procedures. Regulatory reforms have enabled SBRA to assist business entities in minimizing costs and administrative formalities in dissolution, liquidation or bankruptcy procedures. Beside, running business registers as public databases has created the conditions to increase business investments - through loan models such as financial leasing and pledges on movable property and rights. Banks too now enjoy far greater legal protection than they did before the reforms.


The main goals of the Agency are to:

•          Reduce administrative obstacles for starting up a business;

•          Cut costs and the amount of time needed to close down a business; and

•          Improve the legal safety in the areas of banking, financial leasing and pledges over movable properties and rights.

The Serbian Business Registers Agency was established with the support of the Swedish Government (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), the World Bank, Microsoft - Serbia and Montenegro and USAID.

Contact Person:

Zvonko Obradovic, Director


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Phone:+381 11 2023 350
Fax:+381 11 333 1 410
Address:Brankova 25, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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  • Serbia
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