Task Force Fostering and Building Human Capital


As endorsed by the RCC Board, the aim of the Task Force Fostering and Building Human Capital of the RCC is to promote coherency and coordination between education, higher education, research and science by creating a platform for dialogue and cooperation of actors involved in these sectors. As a “network of networks”, it will build upon and draw on already existing and new regional networks and initiatives, and will ensure coordination with other RCC priority areas. Its subsequent goal is to maximize the benefits of investment in human capital development through its contribution to sustainable economic and social development by ensuring the coherency with other actions promoted at regional and national level.

Its mandate includes in particular: awareness raising for the importance of education, higher education and research; agenda setting in these policy areas and respective lobbying activities; promotion of a regular dialogue, information exchange and coordination of activities, where appropriate, between the mentioned areas in the SEECP region and formulation of recommendations for the RCC; coordination with other priority areas of the RCC; promotion of priorities, partnerships and activities in line with the Memorandum of Understanding from Istanbul between the Ministers responsible for Education, Science and Research, and the Framework for Action to the Memorandum, as well as the priority of fostering and building human capital of the RCC.

The TFBHC is lead by a core team comprised of a chair and 2 co-chairs. The first mandate is ensured by Romania as chair (Madlen Serban) and Austria (Anton Dobart; Barbara Weitgruber) and Croatia (Ivana Puljiz) as co-chairs.

Further information is availabe in the document section.




"Main Stakeholders in Regional Cooperation in Education, Science and Research" (Task Force Document).





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E-Mail: juergen.schick@bmukk.gv.at
Phone:+387 33 561 700
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Address: Task Force Secretariat Vienna Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture Minoritenplatz 5 1014 Vienna
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