Belgrade Centre for Security Policy


Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) is a think-tank specialized in security (security studies, security sector reform, security cooperation and integration, regional security, EU foreign and security policy). BCSP was established in 1997 with the aim to promote public and responsible participation of civil society in increasing the security of citizens and national security based on modern democratic principles, as well as security cooperation with neighboring countries and Serbia's security integration into the Euro-Atlantic community.

So far BCSP has gained a considerable experience in various academic research projects, as well as in alternative education and public advocacy. This has made the BCSP one of the leading independent research organisations in the field of security, particularly in the research of the security sector reform in Serbia and the Western Balkan region. BCSP is currently running two major research projects on measuring security sector reform (SSR) in Serbia and the Western Balkans. For the purpose of measuring SSR in Serbia, BCSP developed a unique methodology- Index of SSR, the first holistic framework for measuring security sector reform from the standpoint of the civil society. This Index is being further developed and improved in partnership with 6 think-tanks from the WB.

BCSP also initiated numerous public debates on various defence and security laws and developed models for several laws in the field of security.

Various educational and informative programmes intended for the civil society activists, national deputies, Serbian security sector employees and members of academic community have also formed a significant part of the activities carried out by the BCSP so far. With the aim of increasing and disseminating modern insights and knowledge in the field of security studies, BCSP published numerous original publications and analyses which were the result of its research, educational and public advocacy activities.

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Address:Djure Jaksica 6, II floor, apt. 5, 11000 Belgrade
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