Business Start-Up Centre Kosovo


The Business Start-Up Centre Kosovo (BSCK) was successfully launched in 2006 as one of the first BSCs financed under a four-year grant of the Dutch Government. The Business Start-Up Centre Kosovo (BSCK) assists graduate students and young graduates of all faculties of all universities in UNMIK/Kosovo in establishing SMEs. It offers practical training courses and consultancy as well as accessible micro-credits for the most promising business ideas.

The Center provides practical business training to young people throughout Kosovo on how to establish Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSME) and also assists them through technical (free business consulting hours) and financial assistance (micro-credit) in starting up MSMEs. The ultimate goal of BSCK is to establish 30 new MSMEs in UNMIK/ Kosovo over the period of two years in order to give Kosovo youth necessary skills to be self-employed as well as create new jobs, stimulating local economies, providing an expanded local tax base, which in return contributes to the economical development of the region.


The newly created Centre works closely with university and faculties to improve their curricula to better meet the demands of the local labour market and provide students with practical business skills.

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