National Innovation Office - Hungary


National Innovation Office

The National Innovation Office of Government Decree establishing (303/2010. (XII. 23.), the NIH responsible for:

  • science, technology and innovation policy development and implementation of collaboration, as well as the enforcement of governmental measures required for initiation and execution;
  • science, technology and innovation policy enforcement to promote government information and supply analysis work, including statistical and domestic research, development and innovation infrastructure, maintaining databases;
  • science, technology and innovation in the field of international and European cooperation in integration of professional tasks;
  • stimulating investments in field of research and development in cooperation with the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency;
  • small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation activities, encouraging innovation capabilities and the promotion of incubating young innovative enterprises;
  • stimulating the results of domestic research and development to access the international market in cooperation with the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency, in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • networking and research cooperation to support national and international levels;
  • encouraging adaptive and non-technological innovation activities in the mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.

Source: NIH Website, as accessed in March 2014.

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Contact details
Phone:+36 1 484 2500
Fax:+36 1 318 7998
Address:H-1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 12., 1061 Budapest
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  • International; Other
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