Planning Bureau

Planning Bureau

The Planning Bureau of Cyprus has the following "directorates:

  • Directorate for Macroeconomic Policy, Research and Studies
  • Directorate for Sectoral Economic Policy, Studies and Project Evaluation
  • Directorate for Economic Relations with the European Union
  • Directorate for Development Expenditure of the Budget
  • Directorate for International Economic Relations, Technical Assistance and Administration"

The latter has the following "purposes:

  • Preparation of requests for technical and economic assistance to Cyprus in the form of experts, scholarships, credits, grants etc.
  • Coordination of the acquisition and use of foreign aid and the follow up of the progress of implementation of approved projects/programmes.
  • Coordination of all work in connection with the convening of the Mixed Intergovernmental Commissions and for the conclusion of Agreements on the Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments both in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Preparation, coordination and follow up of Technical Assistance Schemes offered to Third Countries.
  • Coordination and follow up of EU Programmes and Technical Assistance in which Cyprus participates."

Source: Website of the Planning Bureau, as accessed in November 2006.

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Phone:++357 22 602900
Address: 29 Vironos Avenue1096 Nicosia, 1096 Nicosia
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