Leather Goods/Shoe Production Industry Cluster


Contact via ACIT (Albanian Centre for International Trade). Additional information on the cluster available on: http://www.footwear.acit-al.info/docs/Brochure_eng.pdf

It was agreed by the ACIT, EDEM and USAID that implementation of the Leather Goods/Shoe Production Industry Cluster will be a combined effort of ACIT and EDEM. ACIT has accepted responsibility for managing the activity and will direct much of the assistance activities. EDEM supports ACIT’s efforts by providing support and guidance to ACIT staff as they set about undertaking the different tasks. In mid-September 2004, ACIT organized the initial meeting of the industry and presented the concepts and approach of a cluster-based approach to approximately 20 industry representatives. Recognizing that the industry faces many barriers to its development, attendees responded with considerable interest to the idea of working together in a collaborative manner. A tri-lingual (Albanian, Italian and English) brochure was published highlighting the competitive advantages of Albania in this sector. Its purpose is to encourage foreign investment in the industry. The brochure illustrated success stories of profitable jointventures currently operating in Albania and contained a complete directory of Albanian leather goods/footwear companies. The brochure was disseminated to interested stakeholders such as: Italian companies, footwear associations in the EU, chambers of commerce, trade attaches, and footwear trade fairs.

Contact Person:
Gentian Elezi, Executive Director
E-mail: gelezi@acit-al.org

  • Cluster/Incubator/Innovation Infrastructure
Contact details
E-Mail: acit@acit-al.org
Phone:+355 4 2271 486
Address: Rr. Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit Pall. Leskova, Kati 6, Ap. 28 Tirana
Geographical focus
  • Albania
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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