Innova BIC - Business Innovation Centre


Innova BIC S.p.A. is a non-profit agency which was founded in December 1994 upon the initiative of economists and collaborators of local institutions. It is supported by the European Commission's DG Regional Policy. 

Innova BIC contributes directly to the realisation of the EU'S regional development politics by supporting activities financed by the structural funds (FSE and FESR, in particular)

The agency's most important private and public members are: the municipalities of Messina and Milazzo, the province of  Messina, the bank BNL Partecipazioni, the industrial association of Messina, the industrial development consortium of Messina and the Gruppo Franza.

Source: Agency's website, Oct. 9, 2008

Contact details
Phone:+39-090-60 10 230
Fax:+39-090-71 27 28
Address: Via Consolato del Mare, 41 98124 Messina - Italy
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  • International; Other

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