Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses

"The Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses (ISSP) established by Professor Veselin Vukotic, with some his young colleagues, in 1999, is the first independent economic institute in Montenegro. The ISSP is the leading independent economic think tank in Montenegro, serving as: STRONG A vehicle to communicate economic change through data, analysis and publications; and * A training ground for a cadre of young economists, analysts, lawyers and other experts to understand the elements and analytical requirements for economic transformation. The Institute focuses on key policy issues including currency, banking, fiscal and pension reform. ISSP’s research, policy papers and other analytical information provide a forum for debate and allow the government and the business community to make projections based on unbiased, well-researched data. ISSP surveys and national and regional seminars have spurred decision makers to address and define priorities. The organization is recognized as a valuable contributor to economic policy reform activities, both as a source of information and analysis and as a catalyst for advocacy. Institute produced first document on strategic vision of development and economic reforms in Montenegro. Strategic vision is based on economic freedom, private property, openness of economy, institutions of market economy, DM and EURO as only legal tender, as well as development of Montenegro as micro state. Also, Institute, with cooperation from international consultants in Montenegro, initiated idea of Economic Reform Agenda for period from 2002-2006. Idea was accepted by Prime Minister and Government of Montenegro. It has a team of 23 full-time researchers and also collaborates with a wide network of experts, business people, economists and statisticians in the country and abroad. In tandem with government representatives and other decision-makers, the Institute works to advocate for a public policy environment where entrepreneurship can thrive." Source: ISSP Website, as accessed in April 2007.
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Address: Crnogorskih Serdara, Lamela II-III,81000 Podgorica, 81000 Podgorica
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