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CEPOS has been established as a centre for Social, Policy, and Economic Studies by a group of young, politically unaffiliated Bosnia and Herzegovina professional researchers and analysts. CEPOS' main aim is to provide evidence based policy analysis and recommendations to guide and influence the political process and raise the application of social sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of policy analysis and development.

CEPOS's main program objectives are:

* To initiate and/or inform the policy process in B&H as a non-partisan institute providing evidence-based policy analysis and recommendations

* To initiate and conduct independent, evidence based social, policy and economic studies and research, analysis of key issues of relevance in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of South East Europe, in accordance with the highest international standards

* To raise the application of applied social sciences in the process of policy analysis and development in B&H.

* To provide education and training in all areas of social, political and economic studies, research and analysis for all interested in these areas

*To use studies and analyses conducted with the purpose of promoting debate in the domestic and international public, academic and business communities, and policymakers through seminars, round tables, conferences, forums and the media

* To collect necessary funds for the purpose of financing CEPOS's own and individual social, policy and economic studies and research.

* To network with policy research experts and professionals throughout B&H, the SEE region, the EU and internationally to inform the policy development process, to share best practices and support advocacy of policy recommendations

* To translate and publish books, reports, high quality articles, and other publications relevant to social, political and economic studies and research, in accordance with legislative regulations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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