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Ericsson Nikola Tesla can trace its roots back to the enterprise «Nikola Tesla» founded in 1949. Over the years the company has successfully adopted new technologies and adjusted its ways of doing business in the telecommunications market. For many years it has been the largest specialized supplier of telecommunications equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. Continuous business success of the company results from work, commitment, knowledge, expertise and experience of present and former employees.

Over the last several years – since its incorporation into Ericsson - ETK transformed into a modern company that primarily produces «brainware», i.e. designs software and services and provides total communication solutions for global operators of fixed and mobile telephony and for large businesses worldwide. The company is fully oriented to the new world of communications that features solutions and services for the mobile Internet and multi-service networks. As a member of the Ericsson Group the company offers to its customers the entire Ericsson portfolio of telecommunications products, solutions and services.

A leading position in the information and communication technologies carries an obligation. Consequently Ericsson Nikola Tesla has for some years now been actively involved in the creation of the new economy and prosperity in countries where it operates. The company considers it as its duty to encourage positive social and economic changes and to initiate activities that will create the prerequisites for welfare and better standard of living in Croatia. To provide employment for young, creative people with education, to ensure competitive earning opportunities, to create pleasant work environment and to help them realize their professional ambitions here, in Croatia, are some of the priorities of the company Ericsson Nikola Tesla. 

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