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"The Student Union of Serbia is a non profit student organization that gathers more than 60 local, faculty Student Unions from all universities in Serbia. The mission of Student Union of Serbia is to create the European education in the European Serbia, and in accordance with it, SUS activities focuse on reform of higher education, on improvements in student welfare and on defending student rights.
Since the foundation, from 1998, the Student Union of Serbia has been working on establishing tolerant and civil society. These values are still the goals towards which SUS is striving and acitively works.
The Student Union of Serbia is the only internationally recognized student organization from Serbia. SUS gained its recognition in 2000. when it was accepted for a full memeber of the ESIB (The National Unions of Students in Europe) that gathers more than 11 millions of European students.
Our roots are on the Law School in Belgrade, where, in 1992, the first Student Union was founded. Together with the creation of the first Student Union, an idea of truely independent student organizing was born. From the 1992, the number of Unions is rapidlz increased, and the wish and need for cooperation, coordination and strengthening aroused. Therefore, the Student Union of Serbia (SUS) is formed in November 1998. Founded as umbrella organization, on the principles declaired in the Student Union Charter, on freedoms of human and citizents, on freedom of organizing ad on the idea of education that encourages understanding, tolerance and friendship, SUS gathered young enthusiasts who continued to spread the Student Union ideas."

Source: self-entry in April 2014,

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