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Petnica Science Center is the biggest and, probably, the oldest independent nonprofit organization for extracurricular science education in SE Europe. Since 1982, Petnica has organized more than 2,500 programs (seminars, workshops, research camps…) for nearly 50,000 students and science teachers in 15 disciplines of science, technology and humanities. Majority of programs are designed for secondary-school students although there are a lot of programs for primary-school pupils, university students and science teachers. Attendants of regular Petnica programs are coming from all countries of former Yugoslavia and all these courses are being realized in Serbian language. However, Petnica occasionally organizes programs (like PI) in English for international participants.

The main goals of PSC programs are:

  • to identify gifted secondary-school and university students and to give them intensive extracurricular education,
  • to enable extraordinary motivated students to learn through research and therefore develop rational, critical and creative thinking,
  • to enable best students to do real scientific projects based under the supervision of best scientists and science teachers,
  • to instruct young science teachers on how to apply up-to-date scientific concepts, knowledge, educational methods and technology,
  • to initiate co-operation and exchange of experiences and ideas among students interested in different science disciplines and
  • to establish rich international and intercultural contacts and co-operation among young people, students and teachers.

Petnica Science Center has large network of associates and associate organizations and successfully co-operates with:

  • 70 scientific institutions ( Serbia) + over 100 (worldwide),
  • 250 schools ( Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia…),
  • and over 1,500 associates (worldwide).

Programs of PSC have been funded so far by European Commission, Fund for Open Society, Serbian Ministry of Science, HESP Budapest, KulturKontakt Austria, Serbian Ministry of Education, Swiss Development Agency, The British Council, UNESCO, Telenor Foundation…

Petnica International Science School is prepared for undergraduate university students and students who have completed secondary school. The aim of this program is to enable the young scientists to practice scientific research by working on their own research and communicate their results and ideas. Students will also have a chance to attend various theoretical lectures and laboratory exercises, learn how to use some important software packages and experience work in the field. Working language of this program is English.

The main criteria for admission are motivation for out-of-school learning and a demonstrated interest in science and independent thinking. School grades are important, but they are not a discriminative factor – an open and inquisitive mind and being ready to engage in intensive work are much more important!

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