Southeast European Network of Start-up Centers and Incubators


The Southeast European Network of Business Start-up Centers and Incubators (SENSI) was established in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006. The network currently consists of over 30 members. All existing Business Centers and Incubators in Southeast Europe are invited to join.

By creating its network, SENSI aims to develop business support for young/starting entrepreneurs, and improving the quality of and accessibility to these services, in order to increase their chance of long-term business success.

The members of the SENSI network support each other by providing, free of charge, to each other the following services:

  • Exchange of best practices;
  • Exchange of training curricula, syllabi, training materials and trainers and experts;
  • Mobility of entrepreneurs, students, professors and experts between the centres;
  • Joint study visits and conferences on a rotational basis between network members;
  • Joint study visits to similar centres outside of South-eastern Europe;
  • The organisation of a joint regional business plan competition;
  • Supporting regional business opportunities.
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Address: c/o SPARK Amersterdam Office Mr. Michel Richter, Co-director SPARK Linnaeusstraat 35 F 1093 EE Amsterdam
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