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The Transnational Co-operation Programme South East Europe (TCP-SEE) is part of the new European Territorial Cooperation Objective for the programming period 2007 - 2013. The general aim of TCP-SEE is to foster a balanced territorial development and territorial integration within the co-operation area. As a overall objective, TCP-SEE shall develop transnational partnerships on matters of strategic importance to improve the territorial, economic and social integration process and to contribute to cohesion, stability and competitiveness. TCP-SEE supports transnational cooperation projects between partners that promote economic, environmental and social development by elaborating joint solutions, concrete outputs and results enabling further implementations, e.g. further initiatives and investments. The programme focuses on four thematic priorities: innovation, environment, accessibility, and sustainable urban development. Activities to foster innovation in the region are called for in the first priority axis (Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship). The Western Balkan countries are fully eligible for this programme. SEE poses a unique landscape to improve integration, competitiveness and consequently territorial cohesion. While the Part of the internal Cohesion Policy of the EU, TCP-SEE actively seeks the full participation of non-Member States in the programme area, which benefit from the external Pre-Accession Assistance and the European Neighbourhood Policy funding. The programme area includes 16 countries with a total population of 200 million and presents one of the most diverse and complex transnational co-operation areas in Europe. It is the only transnational programme area with such a large number of non-EU countries participating (candidates, potential candidates and third countries). The eligible area for TCP-SEE comprises Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, parts of Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Republic of Moldova and parts of Ukraine.
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Address: Joint Technical Secretariat Gellérthegy s tr. 30-32. 1016 Budapest
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