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"Center for Research and Policy Making is an independent, non-profit policy research institute founded in March 2004. CRPM consists of local researchers as well as external consultants in close contact with the organization. It offers timely, provocative policy analysis on the most pertinent issues. CRPM has no ‘hidden agenda’ but works to promote democratization and economic transformation of the country. It has no party, political or any other organizational affiliation. CRPM develops a new style of policy analysis and serves as a forum for young Macedonians to acquire and apply knowledge and skills for evidence based research and policy analysis. The standpoint from which it approaches certain issues is principled. The organization considers peace and stability as the first principles that should reign in the Balkan countries, and believes that the major political goal of Macedonia is the integration with the European Union."

Source: Self-entry in August 2007

Republic of North Macedonia
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E-Mail: necev@crpm.org.mk
Phone:++389 2 3216645
Fax:++389 2 3216645
Address: st. Mirche Macan bb1000 Skopje, 1000 Skopje
Country:Republic of North Macedonia
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  • Republic of North Macedonia

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