University of Nis - Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture


For almost half a century, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Niš has been educating professionals engaging in planning and arrangement of cities, in designing and construction of buildings, roads, railroads, bridges, dams and other engineering and architectural structures.

Apart from the MA and doctoral thesis production, the scientific activities at the faculty are realized by successful realization of scientific-research projects, financed by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia, business organizations and state institutions.
The special activity of the teachers and associates of the Faculty in solving the practical tasks in the field of civil engineering and architecture is realized through the independent unit of the Institute for Civil Engineering and Architecture. The work, which is a synthesis of science and practice, is realized by production of designs, studies, expertise, laboratory testing (in 8 laboratories, 4 of them accredited), etc. In scientific and professional competence, as well in complexity and scope of work, the Faculty is one of the strongest institutions of this kind in Southeast Serbia.

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Address: Aleksandra Medvedeva 14 18000 Nis
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